Santorini’s Underwater Battle Against Plastic Pollution

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Typhoon, the Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation's extraordinary marine cleanup vessel, tirelessly patrols the Aegean Sea, liberating remote coastlines from the grip of plastic pollution. This mission took us to the captivating Santorini, where the SeaChange Greek Islands Project and the Santorini Active Volcanic Environment's diving team undertook a rigorous underwater clean-up at Taxiarchis Bay, Nea Kameni.

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The dedicated volunteers and divers faced off with the unsightly debris - batteries, car tires, furniture, and an abundance of single-use plastics - marring the surreal beauty of Taxiarchis bay. The Typhoon stands as the only vessel in the Mediterranean solely committed to maintaining the purity of Greece's unique coastlines, a testament to the determined vision of the ACLCF.

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