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TV Stories by LG TV, was a marketing campaign by Danezis Stories that brought together well-known tv personalities for a walk down memory lane. At the heart of these interviews was the LG OLED TV, which served as the backdrop and the catalyst for these stories, allowing the influencers to explore its top-tier quality, vivid colours, crisp sound, and impressive contrast. Through these authentic and engaging stories, viewers were not only entertained and connected with their favourite influencers on a deeper level, but also introduced to the remarkable features of the LG OLED TV. The campaign transformed the television from a mere product into a narrative device, intertwining the personal and the technological, and showcasing the LG OLED TV as the ultimate choice for anyone seeking a superior viewing experience.

A Journey through Memories with LG OLED TV

Join Tonia Sotiropoulou as she takes us on a journey through her first childhood memories from television, recounting how she transitioned from a small child to a shining star on the Greek television screen. Her story illuminates the magic of television and its profound impact on shaping dreams.

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