The Deep Sea Keepers

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Sponge-diving is considered to be the oldest profession on the island of Kalymnos. In the early days, divers would plunge into the sea naked, carrying a flat 15 kg stone called the "skandalopetra". While a sponge epidemic devastated commercial sponge populations in 1986, the seabed of Kalymnos remains one of the most captivating in the Mediterranean, teeming with vegetation and marine life.

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Diving into Environmental Preservation

At Danezis Stories we chose a team of dedicated volunteers, men and women scuba divers, as the new heroes of Dixan's sustainability program “Clean in Depth, Clean to the Source". Our campaign’s protagonists were focused on protecting Kalymnos underwater paradise by tackling plastic pollution and marine debris.

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Impactful Narratives in Environmental Awareness

At Danezis Stories, we take great pride in vividly portraying the remarkable journey and conveying its urgent message through breathtaking visuals. Utilizing our expertise, we strive to amplify the voices of those making a difference and cast a spotlight on vital environmental initiatives. It is our unwavering commitment to showcase the transformative power of storytelling and create a lasting impact on environmental consciousness.

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