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Our Christmas TV Social Message for the Philanthropic Organization of the Archdiocese of Athens “Apostoli” is an emotional journey that dives deep into the heart of dementia, a condition affecting around 50 million people worldwide, with Alzheimer's contributing to nearly 60-70% of these cases. Through our powerful storytelling, we strive to evoke empathy, challenge misperceptions, and kindle hope, showing how love and understanding can illuminate even the darkest corners of memory loss. This poignant narrative is a testament to Apostoli's deep commitment to serving all sections of society, especially those grappling with such challenging conditions. In sharing love, we aim to brighten the lives of those living with dementia, one story at a time. Further magnifying the impact, Danezis Stories also spearheaded the media exposure and publicity for the campaign, amplifying the reach of Apostoli's noble cause.

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