Shaping the Narrative of Innovation: Danezis Stories Switches On “Business Monitor”

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Danezis Stories, with its expertise in integrated communication strategies, skilfully shapes "Business Monitor", combining storytelling and media skills to highlight key business, innovation and societal issues. Our agency's role as media consultant and executive producer ensures that each episode resonates across multiple platforms, promoting a sustainable and inclusive future. "Business Monitor", in collaboration with the Fortune Greece team, is a dynamic TV magazine that explores the intersection of business, innovation, art, science, politics and culture. It looks at the way we work, play, travel and consume in our ever-evolving world and asks whether technology can truly be our ally. The programme highlights successful business models, addresses the pressing climate crisis and forecasts the future of the labour market and emerging job opportunities. It offers vital insights for a better life and invites viewers to join a journey towards a sustainable, equal and inclusive world, exclusively on One Channel.

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