Setting New Records: The Epic Journey of Crete-Attica Interconnection

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Step into the world of groundbreaking energy infrastructure as we witness the remarkable achievements of Ariadne Interconnection, a subsidiary of IPTO-Independent Power Transmission Operator. With determination and precision, they have embarked on the monumental task of laying 335 km of electric cables for the Crete-Attica interconnection. This ambitious project not only marks the largest electricity transmission endeavor under construction in Greece but also stands as the longest of its kind worldwide. At Danezis Stories, we are privileged to be part of this prestigious and record-breaking project. Our team has been diligently documenting the historic milestones, capturing the intensity and progress of the construction process.

ARIADNE_CreteAtticaInterconnection_DanezisStories_DJI_0035 1530 X 1020 Image Block 2
ARIADNE_CreteAtticaInterconnection_DanezisStories_DJI_0103 923 X 925 Image Block 2
ARIADNE_CreteAtticaInterconnection_DanezisStories_DJI_0033 2 923 X 925 Image Block 2
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