Reviving the Glafkos: Uniting for a River Renaissance

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In recent years, the river Glafkos in Patras has been plagued by tons of inert materials, various objects, plastics, and garbage, transforming it into an open dumping ground. This distressing situation demanded a change. Taking action from the banks of Glafkos, the new environmental and sustainability initiative, "Clean in Depth - Clean to the Source”, by Henkel Hellas and Dixan, was launched.

Uniting for a River Restoration

With the valuable support of Diamantis Masoutis Supermarkets, numerous volunteers from the company's supermarkets in Patras, along with members of the local environmental group, Project Ka.Pa., came together. Equipped with the necessary machinery, wearing gloves, and armed with bags, they embarked on a mission to restore the river. The results? Astounding!

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Inspiring a Sustainable World through Effective Communication

At Danezis Stories, we take immense pride in creating the innovative program, "Clean in Depth, Clean at the Source". We have designed and implemented comprehensive communications strategies, forged valuable partnerships, organized impactful actions, and effectively promoted our client's tireless efforts towards a cleaner world. Through our compelling messages and captivating imagery, we have strived to raise awareness and inspire collective action for a more sustainable future.


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