Rebuilding Together: Athanasios Tsintzas’ Story of Resilience

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During the challenging times of "Storm Daniel" at Thessaly, Interamerican stood unwaveringly by its policyholders, embodying the spirit of resilience and community solidarity. Interamerican asked Danezis Stories to tell their story during the storm. We proposed authentic storytelling through the production of five short documentaries, each focusing on the stories of five protagonists affected by this natural disaster. Our goal was to highlight the dedication of Interamerican’s team and the bravery of those they support. The series "Every Moment Besides You," explores these extraordinary stories of resilience and compassion. Additionally, we spotlight the stories of two Interamerican clients whose industrial infrastructure was destroyed by the flood. Despite the devastation, their insurance contracts with Interamerican saved them, providing crucial support in their time of need. These stories underscore the vital role of Interamerican in helping their clients rebuild and recover.

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