Protecting our Environmental Well-being at Pamvotida Lake

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In the city of Ioannina, we brought together the local government, environmental groups, civil society organizations, and volunteers from My market supermarkets, along with their families, in one of the largest community-based clean-up actions in Pamvotida Lake. This is one of the highlights of "Clean in Depth, Clean to the Source" sustainability program by our client Dixan.

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Sustainable Initiatives Enriching Local Communities

In Danezis Stories we are dedicated to proposing, developing, coordinating, and managing creative communications. Through a series of sustainability initiatives and special events, we aim to go beyond mere buzzwords and make a tangible impact on local communities.

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Fostering Sustainable Development

Since 2020, Dixan's sustainability programs have served as crucial milestones in Henkel's journey towards sustainable development. These initiatives highlight the significance of collaboration among local authorities, voluntary groups, schools, and environmental organizations in achieving meaningful outcomes for society and the planet.

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