Piraeus Port Authority’s “Piraeus III” Dock Unveiling

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We embarked on an ambitious project with the Piraeus Port Authority (PPA) and COSCO Shipping to document the arrival of the extraordinary "Piraeus III" dock. This mammoth structure, capable of serving ships of substantial size and capacity, is an imposing addition to Piraeus Port.

Our challenge was to capture the grandeur and scale of "Piraeus III" while reflecting its strategic significance for PPA and COSCO Shipping. Through our lens, we chronicled its journey and arrival, encapsulating the awe-inspiring moment when this impressive piece of engineering docked at Piraeus for the first time. Our production illuminates the power, potential, and pivotal role of "Piraeus III" in Greece's maritime sector. Further magnifying the impact, Danezis Stories also spearheaded the media exposure and publicity for the "Piraeus III" arrival, amplifying the reach of Piraeus Port Authority new project.

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