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One of our defining moments with Dixan’s sustainability program was at Lake Trichonida, Greece's largest lake, known for its crystal-clear blue waters. Over time, this beloved recreational destination had fallen victim to littering, marring its natural beauty. Undeterred, we tackled this challenge head-on by leading a diverse coalition of volunteers, NGOs, environmental organisations, and local authorities, including the volunteers from My market supermarkets and their families, as well as representatives from Agrinio Municipality, Thermos Municipality, and Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency.

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Spearheading Sustainability with "Clean in Depth, Clean at the Source"

We embarked on a mission to restore the beauty of Mourtos and Sitaralona shorelines, instigating a wave of environmental awareness in the local community. Our ability to inspire, educate, and unite diverse groups under a common goal epitomizes the heart of what we do at Danezis Stories: crafting strategies that don't just sell products, but also evoke change and shape the narrative for the better.

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