Apostoli’s Dedication to Serving Humanity

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In a world where cries of distress echo all too often, the Philanthropic Organization of the Archdiocese of Athens “Apostoli”, one of the largest humanitarian NGOs in Greece, stands as a bastion of hope. Founded in 2010 by the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, "Apostoli" extends its charitable arms both nationally and internationally. Their profound commitment is to assist those in need, respond to the cries of the hungry child, comfort the uprooted, and alleviate the despair of the impoverished. At Danezis Stories, we have been entrusted to create the storytelling strategy of "Apostoli", helping to bring their work into the spotlight especially during Greece’s economic crisis. Through compelling visual narratives and strategic PR initiatives, we help magnify their impact, allowing their message of solidarity, compassion, and love to echo louder across the globe.

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