Lidl Hellas & ACLCF: Uniting for a Cleaner Santorini

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As the storytellers behind Lidl Hellas' eco-conscious journey to the beautiful island of Santorini, we joined forces with the dedicated volunteers of the Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation. Our visuals bring to life their commendable efforts of cleaning up plastic waste from three popular beaches and conducting underwater clean-ups in two small ports.

LIDL PlasticFree Santorini 2020 NPS07335 1272x799
LIDL PlasticFree Santorini 2020 NPS09021 1279x799
LIDL PlasticFree Santorini 2020 NPS06953 1530x1020
LIDL PlasticFree Santorini NPS09430 923x925
LIDL PlasticFree Santorini 2020 NPS09192 1272x799
LIDL PlasticFree Santorini 2020 NPS07695 1272x799
LIDL PlasticFree Santorini NPS09010 1282x1447
Join Forces for a Plastic-Free Santorini

This initiative is a part of the broader "Plastic Free Santorini" and "Single-Use Plastic Free Greece" campaigns, reflecting a shared vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Through captivating visuals, Lidl Hellas and the Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation serve as beacons of inspiration, empowering others to follow suit.

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