Illuminate Beauty with Collistar

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Bolton Hellas entrusted us with the task of bringing the essence of Collistar to life on the Greek stage. In our TVC, we delve into the heart of Collistar's mission – to be a steadfast ally for women seeking to enhance their unique beauty. Collistar, the number one Italian Perfumery brand, has been a beacon of quality, efficiency, and passion, values that align seamlessly with our commitment at Danezis Stories. Our TVC is an artistic expression of Collistar's dedication to creating highly effective cosmetic products, all made in Milano with profound respect for people and the planet. As an integrated communications agency, we've meticulously crafted this TVC to not just showcase the products, but to illuminate the authentic story behind Collistar. At Danezis Stories, we take pride in being architects of meaningful connections. Our collaboration with Bolton Hellas for Collistar's TVC reflects our dedication to equipping brands with innovative communication strategies that resonate across platforms, fostering authenticity, transparency, and, above all, a lasting impact. Join us on this journey of illumination as we unveil Collistar's radiance to the world.

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