Giving for Greece: A Beacon of Hope

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Bodossaki Foundation entrusted our team to create the narrative for their program “Giving for Greece”, that stands as a beacon of compassion, specifically designed to support the most vulnerable group among migratory flows – unaccompanied refugee children arriving in Greece. Through partnerships with active NGOs offering essential child protection services, "Giving for Greece" extends a helping hand by supporting guardianship and escort services. It covers expenses for their basic needs like food and medical care, as well as the operation of hostels at entry points.

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Cultivating Resilience through Compassion:

"Giving for Greece" not only protects these children but also empowers them to envision and strive for a life filled with promise. Through this program, we are collectively contributing to the narrative of resilience, promising unaccompanied refugee children in Greece a future, where their dreams can flourish, and their dreams can come true.

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