Diving with Poseidon

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The captivating beach below the temple of Poseidon in Sounio attracts thousands of bathers every weekend. Noticing plastic and other debris at a shallow depth, Odysseas and the Beach Cleaning volunteers, with the support of Dixan, dived to retrieve it. With initiatives taking place throughout Greece, these young divers, along with Dixan, are intensifying their efforts to thoroughly cleanse the Greek seas.

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Uniting Forces for Pristine Ecosystems Preservation

Incorporating Dixan's indispensable collaboration, Odysseas Lambrou and his unwavering team undertake a noble endeavor to protect Greece's immaculate marine ecosystems through intricately devised and flawlessly executed clean-up initiatives. Their collective pursuit is driven by an unwavering commitment to preserve the awe-inspiring magnificence of our cherished natural wonders.

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