Building a Green Future with Motor Oil

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At Danezis Stories, we had the privilege of working with the esteemed Motor Oil Group and its pioneering subsidiaries, “VERD" and "Prasino Ladi", on a project that perfectly blends creativity with sustainability. This collaboration was an exciting journey into the realms of green energy and circular economy, showcasing our expertise in marketing and visual communication.

A Canvas of Innovation at the Museum of Cycladic Art

Our first task was to transform the Auditorium of the Cycladic Art Museum into a canvas reflecting the innovative spirit of VERD and Prasino Ladi. Our creative team, developed a unique concept for the event backdrop, incorporating elements that symbolised these companies' commitment to sustainable alternative fuels and the circular economy. The graphics were stories telling the journey of waste cooking oil to biofuel.

Creating the Perfect Tagline and Copy

The power of words in branding is undeniable, and for this project we were tasked with creating a compelling tagline and copy. Our goal was to capture the essence of Prasino Ladi and VERD's mission in a few powerful words, a challenge we embraced with enthusiasm and creativity.

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Giveaways with a Purpose

Understanding the importance of tangible connections, we designed a series of thoughtful giveaways. These included chef's aprons with clever slogans symbolising the culinary origins of the waste oil collected by Prasino Ladi, and plastic bottles with QR codes. These QR codes directed users to "Prasino Ladi" website, providing valuable information on how to recycle cooking oil and reinforcing the message of sustainability.

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Capturing the Story through Video

Our role extended to producing Verd's corporate video and a testimonial video featuring renowned chef Lefteris Lazarou. These videos showcased the transformative journey from waste oil to biodiesel and highlighted the significant reduction in carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions that these companies have achieved.

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A Testament to Creative Excellence

This project with the Motor Oil Group and its subsidiaries was a testament to our creative excellence in marketing and visual communications. From the artistic backdrop of the Cycladic Art Museum to the engaging corporate videos and meaningful giveaways, every element was crafted with precision and purpose.

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