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At Danezis Stories, we believe in the power of storytelling to inspire change. This is the reason we are so happy to share the tale of the Daskalakis family, whose narrative served as the inspiration in our new TVC campaign, for our client “Apostoli". Meet the Daskalakis Family: a creative, resilient, and passionate legacy. The vision and commitment of the family grandfather allowed what started out as a modest doughnut company to grow into a successful business. The current heirs, his grandson and his wife, are stepping into the world of health food items like cereal bars. Our 40-second masterpiece tells the story of a family business rooted in the time-honored tradition of crafting Syrian loukoumia. From the skilled hands of a grandfather to the innovative spirit of the present generation, we witness the seamless blend of tradition and modernity in their pursuit of healthier alternatives.

Our TVC encapsulates their story and is evidence of the tenacity of tiny firms and the transforming potential of mentoring. Small enterprises like the Daskalakis family benefit from Apostoli's and I.O.C.C. programme, not just with the funds to buy equipment but also with priceless mentoring to help them negotiate the always changing business environment.

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Come honour the entrepreneurial spirit and the amazing results of Apostoli's & I.O.C.C. support programme. Let's support small enterprises together and open doors to a better future. Danezis Stories is honoured to collaborate with "Apostoli" since 2016, contributing strategic communication and innovative ideas to spread their message and enable business owners throughout the country. Experience the power of storytelling.

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