Powering the Cyclades: IPTO’s Crucial Interconnections

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IPTO, the Independent Power Transmission Operator, has successfully finalized crucial interconnections between the Cyclades islands of Evia, Andros, and Tinos in Greece.

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Through the design, supply, and installation of advanced High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) cable systems, capable of transmitting 200 MVA of power, IPTO ensures a robust and sustainable power transmission system across the Cyclades. Danezis Stories has played a pivotal role in showcasing this significant project through their expertise in visual communication, capturing the essence of the interconnections through compelling videos and photographs.

IPTO_AndrosTinos_DanezisStories_6X2A1014 1282 X 1447 Text & Image
IPTO_AndrosTinos_DanezisStories_6X2A0408 1272 X 799 Image Block 1
IPTO_AndrosTinos_DanezisStories_6X2A0539 1272 X 799 Image Block 1
IPTO_AndrosTinos_DanezisStories_6X2A0908 1530 X 1020 Image Block 1
IPTO_AndrosTinos_DanezisStories_6X2A0819 923 X 925 Image Block 1
IPTO_AndrosTinos_DanezisStories_DJI_0020 1282 X 720 Image Block 3
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