Sotiris Danezis to "There is no story worth your life"

May 2022

The well-known journalist and war correspondent returns to regions of the world marked by wars, humanitarian crises, natural disasters and emotional stress and presents his unique stories through this special exhibition of photography and new media, curated by Vangelis Ioakeimidis.

"When I started this work I wanted to capture the suffering experience by people in war zones in the hope that future leaders would realize that war should always be the last resort," Sotiris Danezis explains to

"My "return" to the memories, events or images of the exhibition is more like a life lesson," the well-known journalist says and is shocked: "in the places where I have been, prayers are not enough, God is rather asleep".

See exclusively on footage from the opening of the exhibition "Non-Returns" at the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus.



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