iEfimerida: "Non Returns" Exhibition by Sotiris Danezis

April 2022

Sotiris Danezis returns to regions of the world marked by wars, humanitarian crises, natural disasters and emotional stress, to present his unique stories, this time through the photography and new media exhibition "Non-Returns", curated by Vangelis Ioakeimidis.

The basic core of the exhibition is the concept of the ineffective, yet recurring return. The key principle of the concept of the exhibition is the key element of the theme of the exhibition, but also of the concept of a constant, but never-ending but never-ending return. The irreversible experience.The photographer returns obsessively to points and events in the world, seeking the foundation of a meaning that always eludes definitive recording. The very photographic event, the product of the experience, is also impossible to visit a second time, since it happens once.



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