LIFO: Sotiris Danezis, The photographs of a War Correspondent

April 2022

The well-known war correspondent looks back on the memories of his long career in war zones around the world on the occasion of his photographic exhibition entitled "Non Returns" at the Piraeus Municipal Gallery. His reports and programmes such as "The War Zone" made us all witness and participate in unique stories from the four corners of the globe that had conflict and man at their core. Sotiris Danezis spoke sometimes about wars and sometimes about clashes of interests, religions, cultures, economic and social conflicts, giving a platform to those who wanted their voices to be heard.

It was not long ago that he returned from Mariupol, more devastated than ever before by an atrocity that, as he explains, he had not expected to see in twenty-first century Europe. These and many other things he unfolds in the following interview in LIFO.



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