“Ghost” Nets Busters

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At Danezis Stories, we are proud to collaborate with Bolton Hellas and RIO mare on an extraordinary sustainability project that aims to protect our precious seas from plastic pollution. Together with the renowned international environmental organization, MEDASSET, and a team of skilled divers, we embarked on an impressive clean-up operation as part of the "Seas Without Plastic" initiative.

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Fighting Ghost Nets

The collaboration between RIO mare and MEDASSET, initiated in September 2022, involves a series of underwater clean-ups aimed at removing plastic litter and nets from our beloved oceans. Our recent action, near Patroclus Island, unfolded over three hours, showcasing the stunning underwater world and the impact of our collective efforts.

Sheding Light on the Menace of Ghost Nets

Every year, a staggering 9-14 million tonnes of plastic find their way into our seas, with 80% originating from land-based sources. The remaining 20% stems from various human activities, including the haunting presence of "ghost nets" abandoned on the seabed. These nets trap marine life, disrupt ecosystems, and pollute our oceans with plastic waste.

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